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“There is no greater investment that we can make than in the education of our youth.”

Brendan is a graduate of Lynn Public Schools and will fight to make sure our children get the best education possible. He continues to advocate for more resources for our students, teachers, and families.

He is a proud co-sponsor of Senate Bill 308, An Act Strengthening and investing in our educators, students and communities. This legislation would provide more funding for local school districts, reform our current high stakes standardized testing, and mandate recess as part of the school day for K-5.

As a parent Brendan has experienced the challenges that come with the costs and availability of child care and early education. He believes that our public education system needs to begin at an early age and is committed to funding universal Pre-K and other early education programs.

Brendan worked at a local after-school program throughout high school and college, later serving on their board of directors. His experience working directly with youth has inspired him to be a strong supporter of expanding after-school and out of school time programs. Learning shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings. Our children need positive activities and learning experiences during their time out of the classroom. Unfortunately not every child has the opportunity to take part in these programs. Brendan is committed to expanding access through smart investments and policy decisions for these programs.

As someone who has struggled with student loan debt, Brendan is determined to making higher education more affordable. An entire generation of graduates have been saddled with debt, forcing them to hold off on important life experiences like buying a home, getting married or starting a family. One way to keep costs down is to invest more in our state colleges including our community colleges.

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