“Transportation investment will not only make it easier to get to where we need to go, but can transform our economy, improve the environment, and create a better quality of life for us all.”

Brendan is committed to fighting for a 21st century transportation system that we can all be proud of. Study after study has shown that the state of Massachusetts is not spending enough money to maintain our roads, sidewalks, bridges, buses, rapid transit and commuter ferries. Having worked as Chief of Staff to the former Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation and now as a member of the Committee, Brendan is well-versed with transportation policy and will be a strong voice in support of finding ways to adequately fund all modes of transportation.

During his time serving on the Lynn City Council, Brendan authored a nationally recognized “Complete Streets” ordinance that mandates the City consider all modes of transportation (pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, those with mobility issues) when planning transportation projects. By passing this ordinance, not only does the City improve access and safety, but it is also eligible for additional state funding.

Brendan has worked on the Lynn Commuter Ferry project since planning initially began. He started as Sen. McGee’s legislative aide advocating for the construction of the ferry terminal to the Seaport Advisory Council and as a State Senator he is now making the case to the Administration that continued commuter ferry service to Boston is a worthy investment and a game changer for the North Shore.

There have been plans for extending the Blue Line to Lynn for close to a century now. While the entire North Shore is frustrated that we don’t have rapid transit, Brendan believes that by thinking outside of the box and using newer technologies, we can lower the costs of the project and make it a real contender for state and federal funding. As more and more developments are popping up around rapid transit, there may be opportunities for private-public partnerships to help this dream become a reality.

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